For each full-day booking as a Conference MC Darren is offering two hours of Presentation Skills Coaching in the lead-up for presenters.

Important Conditions for this Free Coaching Session Offer:

- The Free Coaching Session belongs to the End Client, not the agent or any other intermediary who may have facilitated the booking. It is not transferable.

- The Free Coaching Session is only earned by booking a full-price MCing service.

- The Free Coaching Session can consist of:

  • Small group training
  • One-on-one help preparing a particular presentation
  • Help designing and improving PowerPoint slides to be used
  • Or any combination of the above that the End Client prefers

- The client can choose how many people attend the session (up to a maximum of 12) providing all of the attendees will be speaking at the conference.

- The venue for the Free Coaching Session is to be provided by the client.

- The Free Coaching Session aims to improve the quality of the delivery of education at the conference for which Darren is booked to MC. Therefore, it is only for those who will be speakers at that particular conference.

- The Free Coaching Session is not to be used as part of any conference program.

- The Free Coaching Session must take place prior to the commencement of the conference for which Darren has been booked as MC.

- Once the conference from which the Free Coaching Session was earned has commenced, the Free Coaching Session offer expires.

- Whilst the aim of any Presentation Skills Coaching is to improve the speakers' confidence and ability when on stage, it must be remembered that all tips gained from such coaching needs time to be implemented. Therefore, whilst it is tempting to hold this training on the day prior to or on the morning of the conference commencing (as many of your speakers will likely be present), it is strongly discouraged to do so. It will be too late for the speakers to make changes (and may well make them feel anxious about delivering parts of their presentation!)

- The scheduling of the Free Coaching Session will rely on several people being available at the same time. As Darren is often on-site at conferences for his work, it is best to be as open and flexible with scheduling as possible. Darren will make every effort to ensure he is available as he loves coaching people in how to present.

- The Presentation Skills Coaching Session is free. However, if it is held outside of Sydney, there will be travel costs. These are to be borne by the client. As are any costs involved in providing a screen and projector. Sorry!