Darren can offer a variety of other services to help make your conference a more enjoyable and effective event.


The perfect ice-breaker. It ensures delegates get to know people they wouldn't always talk to, and share interesting information with them.


Brief and entertaining sponsor interviews that turn their often dry sponsor presentations into audience-friendly chats. It's better for the delegates and it is safer for the sponsors brand.


If you have a presentation to deliver and want your slides to be designed so they don’t bore or drive delegates crazy with learning-limiters like too many points on a page, tables crammed with information that can’t be read and a font size that requires binoculars, Darren can go through and format your slides so they are easier to learn from and easier to use.


Your presentation script is looked over by Darren's experienced eye to improve use of language, insert gentle humour and clarify points being made.


Darren can write your entire speech, or a script for a corporate video, ensuring it is written professionally, clearly and in a way that audiences can learn more effectively from.


If there is a conference dinner with no entertainment planned, Darren can create a fun, tailor-made quiz to fill the void. It can highlight conference topics and product information as well as people and sponsors messages.


If you are looking for an activity to fill an afternoon and an evening, this is the perfect fit. Delegates are given tailored movie-themes which include challenges designed specifically for the organisation, the industry and the members of the team. The resulting movies are then shown at a Short Film Festival held over dinner that (or the next) evening.

Walk-In Slide Shows

What is the atmosphere like in your conference room as your delegates enter?

Darren can design a stirring, inspiring and upbeat Walk-In PowerPoint Slide Show that gets delegates' adrenaline pumping, reinforces the conference them (if desired) and elevates and energises the atmosphere in the room from the very start.

Entertaining Vox Pops Reels

Would you like the personality of your staff to show through on your company website?

Darren can come in, film all of your team members answering an array of interesting questions, then put it together in an entertaining reel.

The same principle can be used to create a great showreel of delegate feedback at a conference.