Darren Isenberg is one of Australia's most accomplished and appreciated Masters of Ceremonies.

He is an expert in making a conference room a great place for delegates to be ... and a more effective place for delegates to learn in.

As your event MC, Darren delivers:

  • Enlightening and entertaining speaker introductions

  • Effective and refreshing presentation wrap-ups

  • Amazing Award Nights, which become sincere celebrations of achievement

  • Magnificent moderation of panels, debates and discussions

  • Intriguing interviews (with executives, keynote speakers and sponsors)

  • Quality Q&A sessions

  • An atmosphere where delegates and their work are celebrated

He also:

- Writes his own scripts (covering all the client's desired speaking points) which saves the client a lot of work

- Researches the speakers, the organisation and the industry SO thoroughly that delegates often presume he is one of their own

- Ensures delegates attention spans are regularly watered during even the driest of conference days (through the use of relevant humour, music stings for the speakers and, if the program allows, activities)


  • Franchise Groups

  • Financial Industry Groups

  • Awards Nights in Any Industry

  • Organisations not used to having fun during a conference day

  • The year after using a celebrity MC who may have underwhelmed

  • Groups that have never used an external MC before


Watch the clip below:

Here’s the latest footage showing how Darren can bring life, laughter, warmth and professionalism to an Awards Night

The MC at the conference was exceptional. He made what can be a long and tedious day very enjoyable.
— Delegate, Hyundai


To see how well Darren can create a unique and memorable conference atmosphere, check out this clip from a conference for Auditors-General:

The perfect MC! He used the right amount of humour at the right time and was a great overall host.
— ANZ Institutional Banking


He Is Highly Experienced

Darren has been MCing corporate events since 1995. Since then he has amassed an impressive array of event experience and has clients in a broad range of industries (over 500 clients, over 700 events).

He Is Engaging And Entertaining

When Darren MC’s an event he brings to the conference room the elements that enable delegates to learn more:

  • Personality

  • Wit

  • Warmth

  • An understanding of the delegates and their needs

He Goes Beyond The Norm to Add Value to an Event

Darren goes above and beyond what you would expect most MC’s to provide.

He never simply reads a speaker's bio out of the conference handbook as his introduction.

Darren always writes his own script (which saves the client a lot of effort), and he often brings along well-thought out music stings for speakers, injects audience-centred activities (if time allows) and, for repeat clients, he has been known to put together a PowerPoint slideshow which shares a well-researched and entertaining view of delegates’ business and personal highlights of the year since the previous conference.

He Is Thorough In HiS Preparation

He researches the speakers the way few MCs are prepared to. He gets in touch with them (with the client's permission, of course!) and finds out information that people who may have heard them speak at countless conferences before have never known.

So, instead of delegates listening once again to the National Marketing Manager, they might discover, via Darren's introduction, they are listening to someone who grew up on a dairy farm as one of nine children, who once ran with the bulls in Pamplona, and who is a HUGE Game Of Thrones fan.

These insights build emotional connections between the speaker and their audience, which means delegates end up listening to people, not positions. These connections raise the amount of attention given, as well as the amount of learning achieved.

He Understands How To Make THE CORPORATE Education PROCESS Work Better

And he knows that the role of MC, when performed well, can be pivotal in achieving the event's educational goals.

As a qualified educational professional (he spent seven years as a High School Economics Teacher), his emphasis and expertise is in creating a conference room that delegates learn more in.

As the profile of conference attendees includes more and more Gen Y and Millennials (who are less tolerant of a boring conference room) and with the ease with which delegates can tune out via their smart devices, this skill has become increasingly crucial to your event’s success.

And now he offers a new FREE-OF-CHARGE  role when MCing a conference ... that of CONFERENCE CONTINUING COMMITMENT CO-ORDINATOR. In this capacity Darren helps ensure the main messages and motivations gained at the conference endure months down the track.

He Is Versatile

Darren can not only be an MC.

He can deliver keynotes, workshops, facilitate Q&A Panels and Discussions, interview sponsors or executives, design team-building activities, coach speakers ... and much more!

He Reads The Room

Different events call for different MCing approaches, and different audiences have different requirements at different time.

Darren is an expert judge of the mood of a room and the needs of an audience. He is an outstanding ad-libber, interviewer, facilitator and moderator.

No matter what the event, Darren provides delegates with regular verbal caffeine shots to help maintain an elevated energy in the conference room.

He is Enthusiastic and Involved

Given all the choices available to a client when it comes to their MC, Darren is always thrilled that HE was the one selected, and enjoys becoming part of the team as the conference approaches (and he is very happy to be asked for his help, thoughts and ideas on the construction of the conference program).

He Is Not A Celebrity

Darren doesn't continue to get work because of any element of fame. The only way he is able to get work is because he is a really good Master of Ceremonies.

Many clients use him on multiple occasions, which explains why he has become one of the Asia-Pacific Region’s leading Corporate MCs, Facilitators and Trainers.

If you are ever involved in putting together a conference and are looking at ways to improve the educational outcomes, the happiness of sponsors and the FEEDBACK FROM delegateS, then you have come to the right place.