So you, or the people you work with or are organising a conference for, are going to have to make a presentation.

The conference location can be stunning, the food delicious, the AV top-notch ... all the pieces in place ... but if you (or others who are speaking) can’t engage the delegates ... really grab and maintain their attention and interest ... and then communicate your information with effectively, then the actual learning outcomes of the event can be quite disappointing.

A person's Presentation Skills are also a vital component of their personal brand, so it pays to ensure each person, each organisation and each important piece of information is represented with clarity and confidence.

Darren offers Presentation Skills coaching for groups, as well as for individuals who may wish to polish their preparation for a specific presentation.

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  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Ability to Engage
  • Enthusiasm
  • Professionalism
  • Vocabulary
  • Delivery Style
  • Presentation Structure
  • Ability to Stand Out
  • Understanding of Life On The Stage
  • Microphone Technique
  • Ability to Stay On Topic
  • Ability to Read From A Script Without Sounding Like You’re Reading From A Script
  • Ability to Handle Nerves
  • PowerPoint Use
  • PowerPoint Slide Design
  • Understanding of Effective Education
  • Levels of Audience Interaction
  • Voice and Tone
  • Body Language
  • Preparation Techniques
  • Language Usage
  • Ability to Tailor Your Talk
  • Usage of Your Audience’s Different Learning Styles
  • Writing of Your Script
  • Timing
Darren’s session was first class! A great mixture of content and humour. I will definitely be trying to include his numerous tips in my future sessions!!
— MLC (Attendee feedback)


A 2-hour One-On-One Session

These individually-tailored coaching sessions can be used to prepare for an up-coming presentation, or as part of a series of sessions designed to help targeted areas of improvement.

A Half-Day Presentation Skills Workshop

For groups of 5 - 25. These last for 3-4 hours and provide an engaging and interactive training program designed to help confidence and ability.

A Half-Day Presentation Skills Workshop PLUS Individual Sessions

For groups of 5 - 25. A Half-Day Presentation Skills Workshop is held, followed by time for individuals to be assisted (using the lessons and renewed confidence that are fresh in their mind) on a one-on-one basis, either to brush up general skills or help prepare for a specific presentation.

A Series Of Two Half-Day Presentation Skills Workshops

For groups of 5 - 25. The Half-Day Presentation Skills Workshop (as described) is run. At its conclusion the attendees are given a ‘homework’ assignment to prepare for another half-day session soon after at which they are filmed and critiqued.

A Conference Keynote on Presentation Skills

If your people are gathering at a conference and you would like them all to gain important insights and inspirations for their future presentations, this 45-60 minute session is the one to choose